Documents related to Wessex LiftBoy GB1 garage door opener


Here are various files related to the Wessex LiftBoy GB1 garage door opener.
I have had one of these attached to my garage door since 1988. Over the years
I've had various problems with it like limit switches failing and the overload trip
needing adjusting, but on the whole it has provided faithful service.

A couple of weeks ago I opened the garage door normally and then it refused to close again.
Initially I suspected the limit switches misoperating again, but on investigation found
they were working correctly. I had to conclude that the guts of the closer had failed
this time, though it seemed unlikely the motor was the problem, as I could get the opener
to open a few inches more by sliding the motor-end limit switch a few inches further
up the track. So I started casting around on the internet for a circuit diagram.

I was disappointed.

So I spent a couple of days tracing the circuit of the closer and its PCB and made a circuit
diagram of my own. It seemed possible this may be of use to someone else, so I've mounted it here.

By the way, after tracing out the diagram I worked out that one of the two motor relays on the board
had failed. It was still clicking, but not making contact. So I was able to get the thing
working again fairly easily. The relays are still available.

Obviously the circuit is provided without any warranty as to its accuracy and the reader uses it
entirely at their own risk. The LiftBoy has a sign on it saying turn the power off before you
remove the cover. This is very good advice and the reader should heed it.

John, January 2016

Update, October 2018

A reader has noticed that the part number given for the power relays should be T90N1D12-24,
not the one given on the original schematic. If you do buy the one given on the original schematic you can still
use it by snipping off the pin for the NC contact which isn't present on the correct part.
The schematic version 1.01 below has the correct part shown.

I have also added a photo of the back of the PCB at this time. The photo has been flipped so that
it's easier to compare it to the component side.

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